I am a Finnish dog sport enthusiastic. Nowadays me and my family live in Maalahti near the city of Vaasa on the West Coast of Finland.

Me and my dogs are training various dog sports. I am interested about my dogs' character and due to that I am taking them also to mental tests besides training them. The information about their qualities is valuable for their breeders, too. I have been working as a coach in agility and obedience during the years.

I have three dogs (Swedish vallhund male Romi, smooth collie male Ykä and cockerspaniel bitch Qilla) at the moment. You can read more about them on this website. Both of my males are healthy, mental tested, underwent the MH test (mental description), qualified in agility and/or obedience competitions and they have good results from dog shows. My males are available for stud for healthy females with suitable character.

If you are interested in my boys, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to tell you more!

Email:  merja.frobergnettinita.net

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